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Kym + Shane Vasile approached The Jam Jar having started their journey of ‘why based’ discovery where the end result is clarity of purpose. Located in Victoria Park, they are part of the successful WA Acton Real Estate franchise group. Commenting how competitors used traditional real estate appeals (list with XYZ - Number 1 selling agent, XYZ - Mr Vic Park, and ‘work with the best’) Kym + Shane felt the market was cluttered with meaningless language that risked doing nothing other than confirming potentially negative category stereotypes. Sections of the community already had a perception of real estate agents as deal chasing, money focussed operators who devoted more efforts to the seller than the buyer. 

Kym + Shane are noticeably different, but struggled to accurately encapsulate and communicate how. Theirs was a challenge of establishing an identity for their business within the parent company franchise framework. In a category often characterised by opportunistic behaviours, they recognised a need to confront such stereotypes in order to breakdown customer barriers. Their business needed to stand for something what they did in order to begin the journey of positively affecting market perception, where they were the benefactors. 

“Our hearts in the right place” as a brand promise acts as a platform to challenge people’s stereotypes associated with the category. Defined by their belief ‘everything is possible’, Kym + Shane have a series of business behaviours enabling them to tell a more powerful story. While others lean back onto ego appeals as reasons for a customer to choose them, Kym + Shane focus on what’s really at stake in the process of buying at selling homes opens the door to a common purpose for buyer, seller and agent. On a more literal level, the word ‘place’ in the brand position allows flexibility to tell stories around the significance of a home.

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