What happens AFTER word of mouth?

Word of mouth advertising can be powerful. But in this day and age, does pure word of mouth referral stand up or does it just entice someone to have a better look at your brand. Below is a story to outline how this will play out.


So Janice is catching up with her good friend Kerry. They talk about how cold it has been today before Kerry switches the conversation. One of Kerry’s kids has been having some trouble with his schoolwork. Janice empathisis, telling Kerry that her little Henry also went through that when he started in year 7.

Kerry sigh’s and tells Janice how nice it is to catch up. Kerry, remembering their last coffee catch up, then ask’s Janice “how has your back been?”

Janice had a history of lower back pain. She has tried massage, physiotherapy and even acupuncture to help alleviate the piercing pain she started getting a few years earlier.

Janice’s eyes lit up and she smiles. “Kerry, you would not believe it but my back has never been better. I am even back doing tennis again!”

Kerry is engaged, more so than normal as sometimes Kerry is a much better talker than listener.

“That is fantastic Jan! How, what, why, who?” Kerry said with rapid speech.


Janice started telling her story.

“So last year after reading something online, I tried a Chiropractor. I was completely skeptical and dreading getting my body being clicked around. But I got through the session and finally felt just a little bit better. The gentleman was lovely and he said that for my body to adjust to its new alignment, I need to do several sessions close together before dropping down to a maintenance plan. So I took his advice and with each session, I felt a new flexibility and most importantly I was able to stop taking pain killers every morning”

“Wow, said Kerry, you must be so pleased! And back playing tennis again, good on you! Actually after that 4WD went straight into the back of my car, my neck has not been right. I cant seem to turn to the left like I used to.”

“Kerry, you must go and see my Chiropractor. He will fix your neck, you should at least try it?” Janice pleaded.

“You know what, I really should. I tried my masseur but it feels good for a day or two and then goes back to where it was.” responded Kerry.

“Well the place is called Align Chiropractic and my guy is Jeremy.” Kerry concluded.

Kerry thanks Janice for her recommendation, gets out her phone to record Align Chiropractic into google to remind herself and then puts her phone away to go back for more good conversation with her old school friend, Janice.


So Kerry believes and trusts her friend Janice and this is at the core of Word of Mouth advertising. But Kerry is equally curious to find out more about what a Chiropractor does as well as who is Align Chiropractic?. She needs to know things like where they are located and maybe the cost but specifically, she needs to know whether or not she believes they can also help her. She wants to feel that one more level of peace of mind before booking any appointment. Thanks to the very personal referral, she wants to believe in them and is ever so hopeful of fixing her neck.

So Kerry finds the website and searches through, looking and feeling for credibility, for examples of other ladies in their 40’s having neck problems. Slowly her perception starts getting formed. This is the make or break time of this word of mouth referral. Hopefully the site doesn’t look too old, text heavy with technical terms, low resolution pictures and difficult navigation. Hopefully the site is clear, mobile responsive and talks directly to her on how they can be trusted, how they have proven results with people just like her and how the people just like her feel great and are living healthy, active lives. Because Kerry wants to feel the opportunity to be a better version of herself.

So after a 10 minute read on their website she is feeling hopeful and mentally she is working out when she may be able to book in for. Curious and feeling excited she opens up new tabs and follows them on Instagram and Facebook. Over coffee, she even googles Jeremy the Chiropractor’s name, to find out more about him. She easily finds his impressive Linkedin page as well as some articles published that he had written about neck pain.


She is in. But she doesn’t call them. She books her intro session through their easy online booking system, finding a time with Jeremy next Tuesday at 930am after school drop off.


It is easy to see that if you invest in your brand your word of mouth referrals will convert at a much higher rate.

Are you creating a frictionless experience for those people referred by your loyal customers?

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