Why your website acts like your shopfront

Shop front

Back in the good old days, the face of a brand was the shop front. Shop owners would sweep up the front of their shop, clean the front window and carefully display any promotions or products on the front window. The shop front was the face of a brand and a lot of pride was taken by shop owners.

So what is the shop front these days? where is your welcome mat?

Your website is your shop front. So the same care and pride should be taken with your site. Do you want it cluttered, messy and confusing or clean and welcoming?

First impressions count. Think of people looking in the window. How can you get them inside the store. How can you make this easier to navigate and more appealing? How do you want people to perceive your shop?

We create websites that are clean, attractive and represent your brand. It should be said that no matter how good your shop is, if no one can find it then there is not much point. We help people to find your shop through a combination of our creative and digital strategies.