Marketing without getting too technical

There are many smart people out there and it is likely you are one of them. Full respect to everyone with deep technical knowledge of their product or service and an impressive array of industry terms. Bandwidth, Wattage, Voltage, Dialectic breakdown strength and other impressive words and specifications can demonstrate a real technical knowledge of your industry. 

However where this does demonstrate technical knowledge, it can be the source of some of the worst pieces of advertising. In most cases, the potential customer doesn't care about the specification or the technical jargon, they just want a problem solved. Good marketing and communication is about appealing to your customers needs, not showing off your knowledge.

So instead of an internet service provider claiming an average of 44 mega bites per second, what is the outcome of having a good internet speed? Perhaps it is the ability to watch your favourite netflix show stress free. To enjoy Madmen or Orange is the new black without the painful buffering interruptions. To showcase happy, stress free escapism is far more powerful than discussing the mega bites per second. 

Our job is to take your why and your technical knowledge and then communicate with your tribe in a way that they want.