How storytelling can help your brand

Remember the energy of that original seed of thought? how it grew, blossomed and made a presence in the world.

You remember that day right? The excitement of the beginning, the raw ambition to succeed and share with the world your thing? It may have taken some time to find your rhythm and spread your message. But here you are, part of a unique and captivating brand journey, evolving over time.

When did you begin? and importantly why did you start your business? Was there some family history or life turning point that drove your passion?

Humans love a good story and storytelling can really help your brand. It needs to be authentic and captivate those you want to connect with.

So lets dig deep and document your business story. Why did it start and what gives you wings?

Authenticity connects. We call it a Brand Story. It should be weaved through your website, your social media, your newsletters and other forms of advertising. It should demonstrate why you do what you do.

If you look at the outdoor clothing company, Patagonia, you will understand a true brand story.