What are your customer touch points?

It can only take one negative touch point to put a crack in our perception of the business/brand. We experience brands through the multitude of different ‘dealings’ we have with them.

From the moment you first laid eyes on the brand, you received a whole set of stimuli (conscious and subconscious) which gave you a certain feeling or group of feelings. It may of made you feel special or feel powerful, maybe cool or possibly made you feel uncomfortable or anxious. So with brand exposed through these ‘Touch Points’, customers are left to mixing their experience of the brand with their own unique make up and life experience to form how they feel about that brand.

How does your customers feel in the below touch points?

  • They visit your website

  • They call, text or email your business

  • They visit your office / premise

  • They check out your social media profiles.

  • They see your business card.

  • They see your marketing material.

  • They add an item to their cart

  • They see your ad online

  • They place order

  • They checkout online

  • They receive their order

  • They receive their invoice.

  • They receive their newsletter.

  • They read your articles and content

  • They see your advertisement.

  • They know someone who used to work for you

  • They know someone who knows someone who knows something about you.

A consistent identity and personality is essential to a brand and therefore it is wise to spend some time exploring all your brand's touch points (through your customers senses and emotions) and see if they match up to your overall purpose, strategy and target tribe of raving fans.

We help to make sure that the touch points of your business reflect your brand values and customer expectations.