Why the customer experience matters

Our toilet was blocked. It seems to always get blocked. Not sure if its an upstairs thing or that we use too much toilet paper but it happens way too often to my 'not a fixer type of guy' mind. 

Previously, we have had plumbers recommend a camera inspection for big $ and another flood the laundry.  No one wants to spend big $ and time and no one wants the house to smell like crap. So we used the plumber we did last time who wasn't too expensive and didn't flood the house...........

So they were on time which was a tick, they did the job required (unblock toilet, service taps) in an efficient time and were friendly enough fellas. So happy enough again. 

But then I saw foot marks on the carpet. Only faint marks but marks that I didn't want my wife to blame on me size ones. Then the towel on the floor and the bin out of position and bit of dust here and there as a result of the job. Big deal? not huge but just an underwhelming finish to a professional service.

Still happy the toilet was unblocked so I will consider the service a pass mark BUT it would of been all so easy for this plumbing company to make it an A level experience and hence raise my perception of them.

The customer experience can define a business. A customer experience repeated over and over again defines a brand.

The little things count.