Lambo Limo: how I built a 10k social media following with no product

Lambo Limo

When I was 26, I got involved in building a custom built Lamborghini limousine. The company manufactured custom built older model Lamborghini’s and also had experience building older limousines. So we asked if we could do a stretch custom Lamborghini.

We called the company - Lambo Limo - Chauffeured in Style

This was in 2008 and I built a 10000 k following on Facebook within a few months based off an artist’s impression and some images of the custom diablo’s and other real Lamborghini type posts/photos. The interest in ‘Lambo Limo’ was overwhelming. Fair to say the ‘Lamborghini’ tribe is strong and loyal. Social media strategy was easy. No boosted posts, no targeting, just organic, viral spreading of the page.

But where the tribe was strong, the economics and business relationships were not and the lambo limo is still not complete. I lost a bunch of money and a bunch of time but learnt a lot about building a tribe and how the phone line can run very hot, very quick.

So where the clients were ready, the product was not.