How you can help your marketing by being Authentic


1. of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.

Sometimes you can just tell. It may be that person you meet spruiking their background or experience or it may be that business advertising a promise that you know seems just a little well, not believable. 

Sometimes we can tell straight away, the bullshit detector. It may be the body language they use, the amount of times they use your first name, the feeling that you are just a part of the latest script. From a business promise point of view it may be that your experience of that brand is not congruent to the promises held. 

Is Richard Branson and Virgin a believable 'fun and adventurous' brand? Yes.

Is Yvon Choinaird and Patagonia a genuine "outdoors and nature loving" brand who care for the environment? Yes. 

The vision and the why of a company starts with the founder or perhaps the executive management team or board. If this starts with Authenticity, then it will flow all the way down the line and people will connect with what you stand for. 

Authenticity is a buzzword these days but what it comes down to is that if your being fake these days, you will get found out. We love to work with your truth and at times, we have to use our strategy workshops to pull this truth from you.