How to use your purpose and positioning to attract the right team

An authentic purpose driven brand is a must in this day and age. We work with businesses to find their 'why' and then build their brand around that. 

What is the reason for building a brand this way? There are many reasons. The end game is definitely more sales as an authentic purpose will help connect you to enthusiastic clients. 

But as well as the battle for clients, a brand must have the ability to attract the right staff, suppliers and partners. 

The modern workforce is full of Millennials. Where baby boomers has high priorities on stability and good pay, Millennials want different reasons to work. They are attracted to companies who have a clearly defined purpose. So by working on the positioning of your brand and what you stand for, you are then not only clearly communicating to your customers and potential customers but also to your staff and potential staff.

So be authentic, know your why and attract the right people.