How to market to the old brain

So much the marketing out there, focuses on external problems. A lawn that needs to be mowed or a watch to help tell the time. But this is just scraping the surface of how we actually make a purchasing decision. We need to dive deeper into the make up of our brain to discover more.

See we don’t just have the left and right side but 3 different brains.

  • The new brain - The thinking brain which processes rational data. Also known as the neo cortex.

  • The middle brain - The feeling brain which processes emotions and gut feelings. Also known as the limbic brain.

  • The old brain - The decision brain which takes input from the other brains but ultimately decides.

The old brain is also known as the reptilian brain and is estimated to date back 450 million years. So the old brain is 45000 older than words, which have been around 10000 years.

From the book Neuromarketing, the authors list six stimuli that speak to the old brain.

  1. Self centred - The old brain is the center of ME, no patience or empathy for anything that does not concern its own well-being.

  2. Contrast - The old brain likes clear contrast. Before/after, risky/safe, safe/slow.

  3. Tangible input - The old brain is looking for what is concrete and recognisable and if it receives too much information, your audience will want to ‘think’ rather than ‘act’ on the decision.

  4. The Beginning and the End - The old brain enjoys openings and finales and can easily forget everything in the middle.

  5. Visual Stimuli - The old brain is visual which may be linked to the fact the optic nerve is 40 times faster than the auditory nerve.

  6. Emotion - The old brain remembers events better when we experience them with strong emotions. We are not thinking machines that feel, we are feeling machines that think.

So does your website and other communication focus on finding ways to reach the old brain?

We can help clarify your message, go beyond the external problem and help your customer choose your product/service.