How your waiting room affects your brand

Its appointment time. You find your park and check in with the reception. 

"Thankyou, please take a seat and it wont be too long"

Sitting down, you scan the room and relax. Six seconds later you wonder how you are going to pass the time. You instinct is to pick up your phone to browse social media but then you discover a nice pile of magazines. Magazines are tactile and bring a feeling of sentimentality which somehow feels superior than another mindless facebook scroll. 

So you have a look through the pile. Its the same old waiting room magazine formula, a balance of stereotypical male and female interests. New Idea, Who Weekly, Men's Health, 4WD magazine, some crossword books and a newspaper.

You eye off the covers, the New Idea is torn, the newspaper is 2 days old and the Who weekly is from.......... 2016? So you grab the 4WD magazine before discovering something sticky all over it.

You go back to your phone.

The appointment takes 40 minutes and half of that is in the waiting room. So what if at the end of the month, the publications showcased on the coffee table were reviewed? Could they offer a slightly wider selection and keep things relevant. Would the outcome of this be worth the few extra $ each month. I think so.

The customer experience goes beyond the core service. 

Throw out your old magazines.