How to turn your business from product to Brand

Every business has its core product (or service).

Many businesses do not have a brand, they only have a product or a service. A brand is not just a logo or a business name. A ‘brand’ is the gut feeling people have about your product, service or organisation.

So why will people choose you?

Hopefully its not because of price because in the majority of cases, using price as your point of difference will result in what we call a race to the bottom, which generally speaking, is flawed as a strategy.

What about talking about the details of your product or business? The features? Your experience in the industry? Your commitment to customer service?

Again, most of your customers, simply DO NOT CARE. You may have 30 years experience or be a family business and have a high knowledge of your product but what does this all mean to your customer? To create a Brand that people believe in and trust over the long term, you need to take it further than this.

Firstly it starts with the realisation that its not about you or your business. Its about your customer and how you can make their life better or easier. If you are a electrician, you might install or maintain complex wiring systems but to your customer, you simply get their fridge working again as fast as possible with as little inconvenience as possible. For more on this, see here.

But further to keeping your focus on your customers needs, you need to stand for something as a business. You need to dive deeper and find out why you exist and what type of competitive advantage you have in your industry. Once you dig further with your business and your why, you will work out a core value that your business believes in and can confidently deliver on time and time again.

Every touch point your business has with customers needs to be a consistent reflection of your values and what your business stands for.

If creating a stronger, more loyal, tribe of customers is something you want to invest in, please get in touch and come for a coffee and we can talk about YOUR brand.