How to woo your customers with content marketing

Woo - seek the favour, support, or custom of

So what do you do when you learn about a product or service that piques your interest?

If you’re like most people you will do either a google or social media search before starting further research and socially liking or following the brand. And there so starts your relationship with that brand. Are you ready to buy?

Probably not.

But you ARE interested.

So now its over to the Brand to grow and nurture your interest. And just like a relationship, you’re not looking to get married straight away. Where you may not be ready to purchase, you do want to learn more about the brand. You want to see how your values align and to see how they are going to make YOUR life better?

So you start consuming the content and with every post, you make a judgement (conscious or subconscious) which brings you closer or further away from purchasing.

Are you being woo’d?

So this is where content marketers need to be careful. The customers are at the informational stage NOT the transactional stage. This content should not be expected to convert customers but instead convince them of your value.

There have been research done that suggests that only 10% of customers are at the transactional stage. This means that upto 90% of your customers are wanting to be woo’d, not proposed too. The popular Gary Vaynerchuck wrote a book called Jab, Jab, Jab, Hook, which follows the same logic. At its core, its all about relationship building.

So businesses need to use their platform to educate, inspire and entertain potential customers. Content provides such great opportunities to build trust and consistently demonstrate what you stand for. So if your a business owner or content manager, be patient and build your relationship with your customer then like they say, one thing leads to another…..

We work with businesses to help clarify your message, growing and nurturing your customer base through social media and other communication.