Why write web copy that engages your customers

I just did a review of a financial services website. Here is an excerpt from their about us page:

“We provide expert strategic advice and partner with their clients and help them develop financial goals. In turn our understanding of our clients and their specific needs results in a personalised approach. ”

As a reader, I am bored quickly and not at all engaged. So, the question needs to be asked, who is the intended audience? Are they expecting a third party industry peer to read what they do? Or is something else at play?

Common sense would tell you that the intended website audience is clearly clients. Why then have they not been kept in mind when the copy was written?

More disturbingly, this is just one of an unlimited number of companies who do not actually speak to their clients but instead speak about their clients. Its a common mistake. Writing in the third person.

But the formal style of writing in third person is less likely to engage your clients or potential clients. We all like to be spoken to directly as an individual. A conversational writing style is incredibly important not only because it makes your business or brand more relatable, but it also brings your clients closer to you because they feel know what’s going on for them. This writing style is engaging, elevating your writing to persuasive and memorable. 

In your conversation style, it’s also completely ok to do things like vary the sentence length and you can even ask your reader questions. We know they can’t answer it but at least your getting them to participate while they read. Engage your readers.

We call it a brand story. It starts with us bridging the gap between who you are as a business (positioning) and who your customer is and what they want (insights). This not only goes on your website but is used for communications through your social media platforms, advertising, marketing material, signage and more.

By using the insights you have about your clients, this gives you the ability to engage with your customer in ways that are relevant to them.