Find your niche - Stop trying to be everything to everyone

Business owners and managers face the temptation to add new products, services and ways of doing business in an attempt to improve their customer service and keep everyone happy. You cannot possibly offer everything that everyone wants all the time and when you try to be everything for everybody, you run the risk of being nothing for nobody and your brand proposition and promise becomes a watered down version of what it should be.

The danger here is that your previous customers are likely to start to turn to other, more specific options and your potential customers will be faced with the confusion of who is it you are as a brand?

Obsessively specialise, no niche is too small if it’s yours - Seth Godin

On the flipside, when you find your niche and stand for something, you will attract those who are drawn to your brand. More than ever, customers want to align themselves with brands who share similar values to them. People don’t buy brands, they join them. By operating from a specific space in the market, you can position yourself as the expert in that space.

So rather than expanding your products and services, you should consider contracting your offerings and be the specialist, not generalist . Once this is clear and you know what type of person is going to purchase your product/service you can then double down on marketing specifically to them.

So how do you narrow your focus and find a niche to operate from?

That is what we do through our strategy workshops and research. We will uncover both your ‘why’ as a business along with the needs of your category and customers. Once this brand positioning is crystal clear all marketing efforts will be far more focused and effective.