Your customer is the hero

Business provides a great avenue for creative expression. Founders should dig deep for their purpose and work hard to build their tribe of customers. Where business owners get it wrong is they want to be the ‘hero’ to their customers.

The Hero’s Journey is a narrative structure made popular by mythologist, Joseph Campbell. It outlines the predictable structure that the great stories follow and the transformation that an individual can go through as they navigate their journey.

After discovering the Hero’s Journey a few years back, I was recently recommended to check out a business called, Story Brand. Story Brand, led by Donald Miller, uses the Hero’s Journey as the basis for their marketing communication. The premise? Your customer is the hero and you as the business, are their guide.

So do you as a business talk about yourself only? Or do you position your product or service in a way that your clients can see whats in it for them and be inspired to take action to purchase or engage with your business?

So cast your mind to all the great movies. Every great story starts with a hero who wants something. Then the question becomes, will the hero get what they want?

As a business its important we define something our customer wants, because as soon as we define something our customer wants, we put the question in the mind of the customer.

“Can this brand really help me get what I want?”

So from the landing page on your website, to your business cards, to your marketing materials and the way you talk to your clients, make sure your placing your customer as the hero of the journey.

Need help with this?

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