The benefits of self reflection and self awareness

Self Awareness can help you and help your business.

So what comes to mind when you think about it?

Mostly, we use the term when someone display’s a LACK of self awareness.

“I cant believe they said that in front of Sally”

“He probably doesn’t even realise he smells”

“They never listen, just talk talk talk”

So these are all behaviours we do not find appealing. We see these people as having a LACK of self awareness. Self awareness is also a part of your emotional intelligence.

A good friendship or relationship will develop better with increased level’s of self awareness.

“I know I can get argumentative sometimes but I am working on ways to listen better”

“I am someone who prefers time alone at home to recharge so I am not keen to go to the party next weekend”

“I feel more alive if I am always learning something new, change is very important to me”

So if you start to self reflect a little bit, you may realise the patterns of behaviour that you consistently do and you wonder why you prefer things a certain way and why other people can have totally different preferences and behaviours?

You can even discover different personality type assessments such as Myers Briggs, DISC, Enneagram, Big 5 and Jung archetypes. Many of them have free tests available online. It is probably not as good as using a trained professional but if you have an open mind, you will learn plenty about yourself.

All of them are worth looking into to dig deeper and get personal insights. It can be embarrassing but powerful to discover blindspots, clear weaknesses and behaviour traits. Some of these are our special powers and some of these can lead to our downfall.

Apply it to business?

By knowing a bit more about ourselves and our strengths and weakness this gives us the opportunity to consciously get people around us who can provide something that we struggle to do. To plug the gaps so to speak and provide a different point of view.

If your an ideas person, its unlikely you are good at administration.

If your a naturally caring and very sensitive, you will struggle to be in a hiring and firing role.

If your crave the energy of people, then you may not suit the backroom room with little human interaction.

Finally with all this new self reflection, you may stumble on questions like what type of difference to do you want to make to the world? What are you passionate about and what deep down do you feel your purpose on this earth is? Or if your in a bigger team, what collectively does your company stand for and how do you do it differently from others?

Tough questions but if you don’t ask them then you going to probably just follow someone else’s dream or simply jump on the next big trend which again has not come from you but from society or even simply from media.

Once you have more clarity and are mastering the art of self reflection then you can start to visualise what type of personality your BUSINESS is going to have?

If its a personal brand type business and you are a fun loving, social butterfly then your business could share and communicate with a similar, vibrant personality. However if your building a business/brand to grow beyond yourself then you can look at how that personality can be formed. What type of brand do you want to be known for? Why?

Once your business has this self awareness and has a better developed and consistent personality, then you can start to attract those who feel they can connect with your brand. They want to associate with you for a reason.

Apple vs Microsoft

If ‘Apple’ walked into a room they could be in a skivvy and jeans with air pods and a hip feel about them. If ‘Microsoft’ walked into room they could be beige trousers, tucked in shirt and a more conservative demenour. They have different values and are very different companies.

Different strokes for different folks.

‘Apple’ have the self awareness to know that changing their ways to be slow moving, safe, traditional and risk averse would be going against what they stand for and who they are.

We cannot be everything to everyone and we should stay as true to ourselves as possible.

So ask YOUR SELF questions and ask YOUR TEAM questions.

We know how people and businesses sometimes really struggle with this and cannot resist the temptation to be everything to everyone.

At The Jam Jar in Subiaco, we help you through this process.

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