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Some things in life have the potential to trigger panic attacks. Public speaking. An unexpected letter from the tax department. Or suggesting mum and dad move into a retirement village. The latter idea often evokes the desire to hold on tight for as long as possible, leave the room in disgust denying you were so brazen to ever mention it, or cause you to remember Aunt Shirley who went to one where no-one heard from her ever again. It is as if the very suggestion mobilises the fear of god, where the stereotypes only reinforce the fear. A retirement village is somewhere you go before you die, a last stop where you’re doing little other than ‘waiting for god’. 

Yet the reality of a decision is vastly different. 

Ocean Gardens introduced themselves to The Jam Jar with a bigger story to tell. Located in City Beach, just a stone’s throw from the ocean, their then approach to marketing was tired, used old ways of thinking, and as a result, was increasingly less effective. Receptive to The Jam Jar approach of ‘standing for something more than what you do’, Ocean Gardens were open to incorporating a deeper purpose into their marketing, recognising that such a high involvement purchase decision needed more to frame customer thinking than rational product and price statements. Put simply, there’s far more at stake. 

Our early strategy work revealed insights that people hold as barriers in their mind about what retirement villages represent. The Jam Jar recommended the power and benefit of debunking such beliefs is to aid people in feeling comfortable that Ocean Gardens was a place where residents are not only cared about, but understood. “Change your View” is a campaign idea that allows us to directly address the elephant in the room, giving permission to talk about the very real human fears associated with such a significant move. The idea works nicely on a literal level, talking to the more obvious aspects of a move, including the spectacular views of the Indian Ocean Ocean Gardens is privileged to offer its residents.

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